Monday, September 30, 2013

Kids Say The Darnest Things

Working as a private school teacher has its ups and downs, sometimes you have to deal with problematic kids, and sometimes; like a parent you will forgive their silliness. More often than you expect yourself to do.

One of the best parts of teaching has to be reading their creative essays I give them.

In an essay where they were required to write what they would do if someone gave them 10 million dollars, one wrote: Before I start spending my money, I will cash them all out in notes and roll in them for awhile until I'm happy. Then I'll be ready to spend them.

Another was talking about financial land investment (at the age of 12!) and another was expressing that the sum was not that much. *so spoiled!*

In another case when I asked one boy to read a passage, he reads it halfway and when I said "go on.."; he asks me "Teacher, go where?" Oh boy, we have a long way to go...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Awaiting- Life Goes On

Hello blog! Long time no see, I know I've been ignoring you for awhile since the loss during GE13. My mobile phone photo sync system and I have been ill for quite some time and have been dealing with some final year graduate procedures >_< Going to finally wear my mortar board end of this month wheee!

Meanwhile to get some funds for my Europe trip I've been teaching at a private home school that goes by the Cambridge IGSCE standard. Meaning these students will graduate with O levels instead of SPM.

At first these kids are rebellious, wouldn't listen to me, wouldn't do their work and God knows what else they do that pisses off the teachers. All these students lived a privileged life, flying to countries I had always dreamed of going when I was their age. Many of them have visited more countries than I have and I am almost twice their age. Yet, many of them cannot excel in the subject I teach; English. Parents have loved and spoiled them rotten and left the disciplining and nurturing to us. We, the bad guys.

Sometimes they really make me want to bend them over and smack them. They don't care if they get 0. What I do, I make them suffer together as a class if one of them slacks off. That's right, teamwork >) BWAHAHAHAHA!

Later I found that associating terms to gaming helps a lot more during lessons. It started of with:

S: Teacher, what is a pike?
T: Ever played Dynasty Warriors before?
S: O_O 

Now even when the classes are over, all gamer kids will stay back and talk games with me. When I was passing by one of my students in the corridor, I over heard this boy saying to another who is not from my class, "Do you have a teacher who plays video games?"

Totally how I felt when I realized that they saw me differently from other teachers.

In the end I realize these kids are not naughty, they just need the right buttons to push. They are spoiled but lonely and thirst for parent's attention. I still punish them for bad behaviour and the authority gap is still there but after class I bring all that down and chat with them like a normal being, so that they can feel that a teacher is not perfect, teachers also have hobbies outside their jobs and make mistakes. To the weaker kids, I keep acknowledging their other strengths and encourage them to put in as much effort as they do for their interests which is how they become so good at it. They don't want to be treated like a child, but a friend. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Death of Democracy

5th of May. A day of unity and decision. 80% turned up to exercise our rights.
A day to be proud of because we made today history.
"Despite what the results may be, I'll accept it..."
I told myself this as I cast my vote into the ballot box.

Came home proud, with my "battle scar". 
Funny how everyone on that day was looking at 
everyone else's left index finger to see if they have voted.

Some people say that the indelible ink is a fraudulence, some says otherwise.
For me, I wanted the ink to stay on as long as possible, 
but look how this turned out after the 2nd bath.

What does this show? The ink is supposed to be indelible. Election day is supposed to be for Malaysians ONLY. The electricity should not be cut at such a crucial location at such a crucial time. Ballot boxes are not supposed to magically appear after the lights come back on. The results should not have been delayed which we also found suspicious. Finally, to me blacking out my FB profile picture does not mean I have given up hope for a better Malaysia. It is to remind myself that together, united we fight and fall. Never once have I felt so much togetherness with fellow Malaysians. If there should be a Bersih 4.0. Count me in. Some say it's not the way to go, but what other ways are there? Sit down and keep quiet? Sure. Let the gov get away with their crimes, let Rosmah buy more handbags, let Taib sell more land in the name of development, let Najib step on YDP Agong. Sometimes, enough is enough.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Malaysia's GE13

Hi all! :D

Before I start posting on food reviews and stuff, let me take the time to share with you about this coming election! Jeng jeng jeng!

Believe it or not the gov has been playing real dirty!

Do you really want this smirk to win and continue
to suck our country's veins dry?!

Here are some tactics they have used so far and if you google them or search in facebook I'm sure you'll find evidence to what I'm saying:

1) Giving foreigners free IC to win a vote. Especially to people from Indonesia.
2) Allowing BN supporters to vote at multiple stations.
3) Arranging underage BN supporters to be eligible to vote.
4) Damaging overseas ballot tickets to render the vote void and invalid.
5) Removing voter's right to vote when IC is presented to authorities in Penang's charity concert 
& at BN ceramah's (who gives free food and handouts so people would come)
6) Delaying voter's status on the SPR website although they have registered more than 3 months ago.
7) Auto registering locals to vote and sending someone else to vote under their name. (Naturally, these unsuspecting people would not show up because they did not register to vote...)

Others include bribing students (each student will get a free laptop if BN wins) 
and locals (they will get free 10L of drinking water if BN wins)
and of course I don't have to mention about those offensive and blasphemous ads on the papers and billboards we see almost everyday.

Total spent on BN campaign advertisement amounts up to RM58billion! (USD$19,123,006,000)

Watch these videos to get more facts >_< although the video is in Cantonese and spews vulgarities,
lots of information on our country's situation is presented very nicely. Also English subs for all except the 4th video ):

if you can read Chinese please like and share this guy's videos!

Lastly, to all foreigners who were given the option to vote in exchange for an IC or permit.
Please don't do this if you also hate to see people sell out your own country. Whatever religion you are practicing now, I'm sure it speaks of wisdom and righteousness. This gov we have in power is corrupted and we are already facing the aftermath. Some has even reported of our Prime Minister wiring RM7billion to another country (to flee if he loses maybe). 

And to the locals, vote wisely! Maybe be too late if you haven't registered but just check your vote status anyway! If you happen to be, just go out and vote. Better your own choice than others in your name!

P.S. After reading so many news online, I can't believe how contorted election news can get with their gov owned media.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Gastro Project

Located in Section 17
My White V-day Treat^_^

The interior is really vintage-classy, a place you won't think of bringing children in although they welcome kids. They too have casual portraits of celebrities hung all over the restaurant like Jean Reno and Julia Roberts in this shot.

I had macchiato, coffee mug style. It's still very strong and bitter, I'm glad I asked them to give me the weaker version of this drink instead of the espresso shot.

Warm raisin bread on the house. It tastes rustic yet sweet. The raisin is the gem in this rich textured pastry. My mouth is generally very dry, so I asked for balsamic vinegar & olive oil dip.

It really brings out the taste of the bread with this dip :)

Bf ordered chicken breast stuffed with mushroom ragout. He says it lacks flavour without the pesto, I think it's okay for chicken breast to taste like this since breast is typically tasteless and dry. Love the pesto!

My roast chicken with baked veggies. The one in the ramekin reminds me of ratatouille + apple crumble. Veggies in there include carrots, eggplant and zucchini. Sadly, I'm a picky veggie eater and I really dislike zucchini. I ended up leaving the dish, also gave the red bell papers from the salad to my bf. haha! The chicken is really tender though. Wished it had a more herby flavour and they really should keep the roast skin intact for better presentation. Skin is the best part!

Our side: Duck fat fried potatoes. This is really nice, I can almost taste the duck haha!
Rosemary gives this dish a very country ranch flavour :)

Chocolate Balls with rum cocoa sauce. I can taste the alcohol, but not my bf. It's very much like soft brownies, love the sauce, but the canned cherry really cheapened the whole dish. I really appreciate the shimmering edible silver & gold beads. Now that's classy.

Cake-like texture in the desert.

We also snooped around upstairs and saw their mini theater. This place is available for rent and can fit up to 25 people. Hmm.. mini wedding ceremony? wuhuhuhu

The bar :)

All in all, the service is great, the waiter/ waitresses will stop by once awhile and ask how is the food. They smile, which is a scarcity now really. They pay close attention to presentation and their ingredients, cooking technique can be improved but can already see great potential.