Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve's Eve

It's been awhile folks! Thought I'll post my last post to end the year 2011, it has been awesome :) and time has shaped my wisdom.

It's goodbye X'mas and Hello new years! :D then again it's just another day because everyday is special^^

-Nooooooooooo I'm MeeelTiiiing- D:

I'm back in a nail polish frenzy lately (and still am) and i've been browsing through some nail art tutorials!

This is the one i've been trying to work on so far (tutorial by cutepolish)

and this is what i got (because i was lazy and didn't have proper brushes and i wanted a blossoming tree instead of branches) D: haha

will try that again once i get myself a nail brush kit from daiso xD

Happy New Years Everybody! :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Newspaper Nail Art Awesomeness

Coll huh? :D

Was browsing through some youtube nail art tutorials and came across an interesting one.. tried it out but with water instead of alcohol. its really awesome! :D

here's the link^^

I used stage 02 delicate and seche vite top coat.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thick or Watery?

Some people are addicted to hand sanitizers. I'm one of them.

My favourite hand sanitizer from Guardian Pharmacy. Because it's the cheapest and has Disney characters on it.
We're all so concerned about how dirty the escalator rails, shopping carts, steering wheels, flush handles and door handles are. So basically, my routine is whenever I touch anything considered germy, I'll use the hand sanitizer. Result? Extremely dry hands xD LOL

And how does a noob counter a problem like this? Body Lotion of course! :D

The question is: what kind?

I have quite a number of body lotions but I'll compare my favourite two in this post.

In the White Corner; NIVEA EXTRA WHITENING INNER CELL BODY REPAIR BODY MILK (for frequent sun exposure)


here's how the consistency looks like for Nivea:

When applied, its somewhat greasy and creates shine on the skin. Disappears after awhile and the fragrance is not very lasting. If you look closer, you'll be able to see little air bubbles inside. So from this we know its not very thick.

and Bioglo:

Not greasy, lasting fragrance and absorbs better into the skin \(^_^)/ very rich consistency.

From what I've learned online, the thicker ones are for dry skin types and the watery ones are for oily skinned. I jiggled the two lotions side by side on my fingers and this is what I got:

Verdict? If you're having dry skin, look for the thicker consistency types. Bioglo is now my favourite because I don't really like shinny and greasy skin. + cherry blossom smells so good! :D My skin stopped peeling after a few nights of lotion applications^^ Happy reading!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wholesome Wallop

I was heading out for dinner without much plans in mind. Basically want something cheap and makes me full. While in the car passing through Chow Yang, I passed by this HUGE IMPOSSIBLE-TO-MISS BIG RED SIGN that says "WALLOP BURGER" and "Pork Burger" in fine print at the bottom.

Out of curiosity, I decided to drop in and check it out~ besides Ninja Joe, I don't know where else I could find pork burgers. And if I had a cheaper alternative if I wanted pork burgers, why not? :)

The owner was at the counter. She was extremely courteous and elaborate in explaining about the 9 day old shop. Her name is May^^ She claims that all the pork patties are weighed, grilled and temperature controlled. Plus she serves the food herself too, so any bad cookie won't make it through her strict standards! Did I mention that no oil was used in cooking the pork patties? Awesome plus point for health conscious people who wants a taste of a little sin :D

The grill is ordered and imported from the USA which costs like $100k @__@ The burger bun is ordered specially from a baker with specifications of size and standards. The bun is very fluffy and fragrant with the butter spread^^ It's fresh because they only buy the buns on alternate days. I really dislike the types of mass produced burger buns that are tough and cold D: If you have been to a fast food outlet, you'll understand what I mean.

Although no oil was used in the burger, its extremely juicy. There are fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes in the burger^^ Flavour is there, but the colour of the patty not that attractive if it were to be served on a plate by itself. I regret not getting the double patty burger now D; I bought the single patty burger set at rm9.50 which includes a root beer/coke and french fries. Pretty okay. If you compare it to Ninja Joe's it's definitely more worth it as ninja joe's prices are at rm5.50 for a very small burger + rm3.50 to top up with free drink and fries.

As for the fries, its not as starchy as the ones in Ninja Joe's. I'll prefer only ordering the ala carte and buying a corn in cup and drink from daily fresh next door whenever I dine there. This one still a little starchy but still tolerable^^

May said that if all goes well, she'll even install air conditioning and wifi.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Xavier Mah's Consultancy Launch

Okaay... I know this happened awhile back already; but I was reluctant to post this up as I was quite frustrated this building where the event was held was so hard to find :(

It's held near the Bangsar Shopping Center, a gallery hidden in the bushes! D:

If you're a noob like me, don't ever try to find a building alone. It was quite dark when we finally made it, thank goodness we weren't the last who reached! xD

I was basically invited by another dear blogger friend of mine :) Her escortress had to cancel at the last minute, so she called me^^

This is the red carpet entrance when we entered the hall. Everything seems so grand, and everyone seems so famous. There were journalists and reporters taking pictures with their big ass cameras. I began to sweat nervously next to my friend because I didn't know anyone there.

The backdrop, for celebrities and important people. The invitation card looks like that :D

Soon after, Xavier Mah greeted us politely. I had never expected him to be so young, only around the mid twenties, and I really thought the man on the invitation card was some model? @_@;; HAHA! He is actually quite tiny for a man, but all the more impactful the event when its all about his Grand PR Consultancy Opening.

He was very busy the whole evening, which was why my friend and I was pretty much alone after that o__o I would feel much better if there was more entertainment like a stand up comedy, a samba performance, that sort of thing? The entire event was just basically a singing performance, a fashion show and a makeup demo... @_@;;

The drink served there. I think its some kind of syrup, tastes quite nice and looks pretty. Till today, I have no idea what we drank haha!

We became so bored as everyone was in their own cliques, we started examining the entire hall.

I wouldn't mind if I have this in my future home :) looks very zen.

Our feet. The White Guess wedges are mine xD

The empty empty table ):

ceiling lights on the other hand are quite stylish^^

Sandwich. I can say for the 1st time going to a launch; This feels somewhat tightly budgeted.

Oh Finally! The pretty MC is talking o_o *pays attention*

Here comes the singer~ My excitement was short lived.

And of course Xavieh Mah himself with his honourary speech :) How can you miss one at a launch?

Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Back to boredom and starring at stuff .____.

Foooooood.... Moreeeeee~~~

And here are some pics when the fashion show started :)

And all of a sudden, 3 girls in extremely overdone makeup and hairdo came out.

And the closing poses for the night!

This is my favourite part. Unraveling the GOODY BAG from the sponsors :D

What I love from this stash is the cosmetic stuff by Oslee and the 3 week membership for celebrity fitness! :D

In a nutshell, started out good, friend did an amazing job putting on make up for me in less than 40 minutes! Middle part so-so and ended with a goody bag with one or two things that neutralized the bad feelings about getting lost in Bangsar.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Lobsterman's Hunch

Decided to post something different today :)

It's about LOBSTERS :D...
this is my 1st time tasting lobsters^^ so it qualifies as yet another "noob" entry!

So anyway, I had the lunch set with my boyfriend at The Lobsterman earlier today.
When we entered it was deserted. The waiters say the crowd only comes at night. So I'm guessing the set lunch isn't all that tempting or it's still too pricey.

This is the set we had.

The Fisherman’ s Catch
Soup of the day
* * * * *
Choice of one of the following:
1. Steam Lotus Leaf Lobster Rice or
2. Stir-fried Lobster Yee Mee with Own Choice of Cooking or
3. Baked Lobster Rice / Pasta
* * * * *
Dessert of the Day
* * * * *
Tea / Coffee
RM 32*
* All Prices are subject to 5% Government Tax & 10% Service Charge

I topped up my soup of the day for a Clam Chowder and chose the Baked Lobster Pasta.
My bf chose the Steam Lotus leaf Lobster Rice and they wouldn't let him top up his tea to ice tea xD hahaha! he thinks its gender bias-ness :X

English Tea served in petite tea cups. It feels like playing house with my bf haha!

Left: Mushroom Soup, Right: Clam Chowder. Mushroom soup not bad, but I would prefer it to have a bit more texture. They both taste like something out of Campbells but with added ingredients

The clam chowder's taste is also there but I think they added too much potatoes and too little clams lol

The baked lobster pasta! It's also okay. Love the cheese and garlic flavour in it. The lobster meat texture is like crab but taste a bit like prawns. Maybe I'll stick to crab :) haha

Bf's Lotus Leaf Steamed Lobster Rice. He says it's tasteless, so he used up all the chili soya sauce served. I myself don't like ordering local from a fancy restaurant. If we come back for a cheaper meal. I'll probably order the lamb shank :)

and desert. disappointing for a fancy restaurant to serve fruits with whipped cream.
but the honeydew and pineapple was nice^^ not too sour.

total price came up to rm70++ including tax. The service was pretty good because we're the only patrons there. Will only come back for either a whole cooked lobster or the cheaper set lunch alternative.