Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Noob's Lips Knows Less

Cracking lips has always been an issue with girls yes? For me, when I have dry lips, I'll peel them till it bleeds. I've tried some of the famous lip care brands but it had only made matters worse. I was very fortunate to come across this humble bottle of petroleum jelly in my mother's handbag which she also uses to moisten her callus on heels and elbows.

Ironically the cheapest one among all the lip care I bought so far. Rm4.90
I never had to hunt for another lip balm again :) Less for More!


  1. isnt vaseline used as a lubricant?

  2. it can be used for many things :) even starting a fire on snow :D

  3. I tried this several days after reading this post and it works! @_@ It doesn't wet the lips but helps to retain moisture instead. I now use this each night before I sleep. Thank you! :D

  4. hehe welcome! <3 :D I use it every night before I sleep too^^ it's now habitual o__o feel uncomfortable without applying it before sleeping^^