Friday, August 26, 2011

A Lobsterman's Hunch

Decided to post something different today :)

It's about LOBSTERS :D...
this is my 1st time tasting lobsters^^ so it qualifies as yet another "noob" entry!

So anyway, I had the lunch set with my boyfriend at The Lobsterman earlier today.
When we entered it was deserted. The waiters say the crowd only comes at night. So I'm guessing the set lunch isn't all that tempting or it's still too pricey.

This is the set we had.

The Fisherman’ s Catch
Soup of the day
* * * * *
Choice of one of the following:
1. Steam Lotus Leaf Lobster Rice or
2. Stir-fried Lobster Yee Mee with Own Choice of Cooking or
3. Baked Lobster Rice / Pasta
* * * * *
Dessert of the Day
* * * * *
Tea / Coffee
RM 32*
* All Prices are subject to 5% Government Tax & 10% Service Charge

I topped up my soup of the day for a Clam Chowder and chose the Baked Lobster Pasta.
My bf chose the Steam Lotus leaf Lobster Rice and they wouldn't let him top up his tea to ice tea xD hahaha! he thinks its gender bias-ness :X

English Tea served in petite tea cups. It feels like playing house with my bf haha!

Left: Mushroom Soup, Right: Clam Chowder. Mushroom soup not bad, but I would prefer it to have a bit more texture. They both taste like something out of Campbells but with added ingredients

The clam chowder's taste is also there but I think they added too much potatoes and too little clams lol

The baked lobster pasta! It's also okay. Love the cheese and garlic flavour in it. The lobster meat texture is like crab but taste a bit like prawns. Maybe I'll stick to crab :) haha

Bf's Lotus Leaf Steamed Lobster Rice. He says it's tasteless, so he used up all the chili soya sauce served. I myself don't like ordering local from a fancy restaurant. If we come back for a cheaper meal. I'll probably order the lamb shank :)

and desert. disappointing for a fancy restaurant to serve fruits with whipped cream.
but the honeydew and pineapple was nice^^ not too sour.

total price came up to rm70++ including tax. The service was pretty good because we're the only patrons there. Will only come back for either a whole cooked lobster or the cheaper set lunch alternative.