Saturday, September 17, 2011

Xavier Mah's Consultancy Launch

Okaay... I know this happened awhile back already; but I was reluctant to post this up as I was quite frustrated this building where the event was held was so hard to find :(

It's held near the Bangsar Shopping Center, a gallery hidden in the bushes! D:

If you're a noob like me, don't ever try to find a building alone. It was quite dark when we finally made it, thank goodness we weren't the last who reached! xD

I was basically invited by another dear blogger friend of mine :) Her escortress had to cancel at the last minute, so she called me^^

This is the red carpet entrance when we entered the hall. Everything seems so grand, and everyone seems so famous. There were journalists and reporters taking pictures with their big ass cameras. I began to sweat nervously next to my friend because I didn't know anyone there.

The backdrop, for celebrities and important people. The invitation card looks like that :D

Soon after, Xavier Mah greeted us politely. I had never expected him to be so young, only around the mid twenties, and I really thought the man on the invitation card was some model? @_@;; HAHA! He is actually quite tiny for a man, but all the more impactful the event when its all about his Grand PR Consultancy Opening.

He was very busy the whole evening, which was why my friend and I was pretty much alone after that o__o I would feel much better if there was more entertainment like a stand up comedy, a samba performance, that sort of thing? The entire event was just basically a singing performance, a fashion show and a makeup demo... @_@;;

The drink served there. I think its some kind of syrup, tastes quite nice and looks pretty. Till today, I have no idea what we drank haha!

We became so bored as everyone was in their own cliques, we started examining the entire hall.

I wouldn't mind if I have this in my future home :) looks very zen.

Our feet. The White Guess wedges are mine xD

The empty empty table ):

ceiling lights on the other hand are quite stylish^^

Sandwich. I can say for the 1st time going to a launch; This feels somewhat tightly budgeted.

Oh Finally! The pretty MC is talking o_o *pays attention*

Here comes the singer~ My excitement was short lived.

And of course Xavieh Mah himself with his honourary speech :) How can you miss one at a launch?

Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Back to boredom and starring at stuff .____.

Foooooood.... Moreeeeee~~~

And here are some pics when the fashion show started :)

And all of a sudden, 3 girls in extremely overdone makeup and hairdo came out.

And the closing poses for the night!

This is my favourite part. Unraveling the GOODY BAG from the sponsors :D

What I love from this stash is the cosmetic stuff by Oslee and the 3 week membership for celebrity fitness! :D

In a nutshell, started out good, friend did an amazing job putting on make up for me in less than 40 minutes! Middle part so-so and ended with a goody bag with one or two things that neutralized the bad feelings about getting lost in Bangsar.