Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve's Eve

It's been awhile folks! Thought I'll post my last post to end the year 2011, it has been awesome :) and time has shaped my wisdom.

It's goodbye X'mas and Hello new years! :D then again it's just another day because everyday is special^^

-Nooooooooooo I'm MeeelTiiiing- D:

I'm back in a nail polish frenzy lately (and still am) and i've been browsing through some nail art tutorials!

This is the one i've been trying to work on so far (tutorial by cutepolish)

and this is what i got (because i was lazy and didn't have proper brushes and i wanted a blossoming tree instead of branches) D: haha

will try that again once i get myself a nail brush kit from daiso xD

Happy New Years Everybody! :D

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