Monday, January 16, 2012

Floral Tea Time! :D

Just recently bought a glass tea set for my mother's birthday at a shop in the curve called "legend of tea" :D
There was actually a rm99 promotion for a glass tea set of 1 teapot, 1 tea light candle holder, 1 tea light candle and 2 glass teacups with its glass saucers :3 seeing it was a good deal I got the set with 2 additional teacups. Oh! it also comes with 2 floral tea flavours we can choose^^ I took lavender and green apple flowers (by recommendation of a kind regular there), each flavour has a different property^^

When I got home, I wasted no time in sampling the tea with my family :D
was eager to try what green apple flowers tastes like *expecting to taste green apples*. And my mum learned that it has slimming properties and all floral tea contains no caffeine! (some people like my mum are very sensitive to caffeine, even drinking caffeine in the afternoon can render them insomniac at night.

surprisingly, it doesn't taste at all like green apples, but it has its own unique flavour^^ i chose the right gift because my mum likes mild tastes (nothing too strong or too sweet, just fragrant^^)

lavender on the other hand; in my opinion, tastes better than green apple flowers, albeit it runs out of flavour faster than the green apple flowers. 1 and half tea spoon of this can last the whole day, just keep refilling with hot water @@ I refilled it like more than 8 times and colour is still there O:
lavender, as it was the 2nd time I was steeping the tea, only added 1 teaspoon to the hot water, the colour left about after 5 refills of hot water but the fragrance is still there^^ all in all good buy and investment for a better health :D my mum was happy too!