Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kanna Curry House

Located at section 17, opposite direction of rockman's roundabout(coming from ss2) and make u turn to the right into shop lots.
Went there 2 days ago with friends, its said that they are famous for its banana leaf nasi lemak, but when we reached there it was synthetic waxy leaves O_O I think they are trying to promote the "save the trees" campaign, good for environment but bad for authenticity, then again shark fin's soup is equally authentic so I have no say in this. lol!

my humble meal *bows*
here's some close up shots of the individual "lauk" I got! they are all pretty tasty but not hot enough.

the rest below are the curries and shared ala carte' dishes we ordered. The fried calamari is their specialty :D

the mutton curry on the other hand is a bit too tough to chew for me, perhaps a little overcooked but the taste is definitely there :D

the rounding fee is rm15/pax because the total bill was rm60 and there were 4 of us + we all ordered drinks.
conclusion: a meal deserving of a huge burp!