Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full House

It's been awhile!^^

Today I'll be talking about full house! what to order and what not to order! ><
It may be a different experience at different branches, the one I'm reviewing here is located at SS2 mall.

My full house favourite will have to be the clam chowder :D it has natural sweetness and they paid a lot of attention to detail in this soup^^

It's also generous in calms :D If you're a dairy person you will love it too as it is very creamy and milky but not too thick. This soup is priced at rm8.90, soup of the day is priced at rm6.90

If you want to save $ but still need a drink and intend to stay and chat after your meal, I highly recommend the floral tea.

It stays fragrant even at the 3rd refill! ;) This tea can also be shared. They serve this in a pretty glass tea set with a tea light candle to keep it warm at the bottom. rm6.90 for the jasmine mix lemon grass tea.

As for the mains, the chicken is the best option. It's cheaper than steaks but the quality of its gravy is nothing less than those that costs rm30+ in the menu. Rm16.90 for chicken chop served with bak choi(type of chinese vege) and mash. It's reasonable and it's meat xD huhu! *pauper laugh*

Now for the don't. Its the PASTA! D< don't ever order pasta in Full House unless you love carbs that much. There is too little ingredients in this dish for it to cost rm17.90 a plate. I regretted ordering this. The cream sauce is too little too. So its a bit too dry for my liking. Stingy in ingredients, stingy in gravy, too much pasta. There is just no balance in this dish ):

Here's the total damage for the day.

I'll reedit this post again if I ever go back for its desserts xD I was too full to order it thanks to the pasta and uncountable refills of floral tea. haha! Till next time :)

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