Friday, March 23, 2012

Magnum Choco-Cappuccino & Chocolate Truffle

Comparatively cheap compared to my last ice cream review xD
And doing ice cream reviews because it's so horrendously hot these few days! Even my pet dragon doesn't want to leave my bedroom (it's cooler inside).

Got this at Rm3.60 from 99Mart. 30cents cheaper than other marts. Every cent counts for students...@_____@ *hypnotic stare*

I was persuaded by its TVC ads (I think it's the flamboyant costumes) like in this video:

Anyway when I bit into it, I see the usual white creamy vanilla filling and I was like meh, nothing special, just coffee bits coating with its regular chocolate crust.

By my 3rd bite I got a little shock (because I wasn't looking at my ice cream, was watching tv) I tasted lots of coffee flavour almost like its real coffee! :D Looking at it, I saw coffee coloured marbling in the ice cream.

Recommended to workaholics who needs an energy boost. chocolate + coffee = boomz! (low.ris,2009)

Hmm after trying the chocolate truffle, I still prefer the choco-cappuccino.
This is still good without doubt, but chocolate on its own is too mainstream xD


  1. Nonononono!~ You're doing it wrong! Go and try the Dark Chocolate Truffle one. It's made of pure win! XD

  2. Will review that later :P Haven't tried it yet D: Have to sell a pint of blood to buy another magnum HAHA!!