Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BBQ Chicken

Disclaimer: Do not enter if you feel a sore throat coming.

but Enter if you have a hankering for Fried Chicken! :D

Went to this branch in one utama for the 1st time^^ I've been to the branch in Jaya One before, but I did not order enough to write a post about it. ahaha~

For starters, I had Soup of the Day (mushroom or cream of corn, but it was mushroom that day) not the best mushroom soup I had, but its better than Pizza Hut's.

serving kinda small yes? Moving on...

This is the mash potato from the side order section, I really expected the portion to be bigger since it's an ala carte. It's consistency is also a little on the starchy side and gravy reeks of "instant powder". Overall, ok to order if you like carbs but on a diet/ broke. Anyway the serving of mash and soup is so small I ordered from the snacks section.

Here's the Teriyaki Chicken Wings :D I must say it's even better than their most acclaimed dish; "Luxury Fried Chicken" cooked with olive oil. This teriyaki chicken is way better than KFC too^^ it's a little spicy but so so awesome ...D8

My bf regretted not ordering my dish but he was hungry haha! I had a bite of this luxury fried chicken, not as flavoursome as KFC's chicken, it's rather plain and lacks seasoning. Maybe here's where the mash with instant gravy come in?

Will come back for the teriyaki chicken and perhaps something else in the future.

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