Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decorative Painting by Trudy

Trudy's decorative paintings have brought back the classic Victorian art style and incorporating these elegant elements with an ecstatic twist in making a house into a cozy home.
Wooden plaques with a composition of teacups, books and flowers.
She also does custom made orders for customers with special requests. Be it a signage of motivational quotes or just a simple bathroom sign to add a warm fuzzy feeling into your very home.
That's not all, this talented woman does not limit herself to just flat wooden plaques. She also paints on everyday household items like furniture, combs, bread cases, kettles, kitchen towel holders, tea trays and the list goes on...
It is astounding to see what she can pull off, especially at her almost ripe age to retirement; having grown up in a big urban city like Kuala Lumpur plus she still works full time as a professional corporate trainer and consultant.
Trudy's Sweet Roses Set
To see more impressive masterpieces by Trudy, visit her Facebook page and drop her a personal message for a special order :)