Friday, June 29, 2012

Forever 21 now in MidValley!

Guess what? Forever21 is now in MidValley! Not only that, it's the biggest Forever21 outlet in Malaysia 

These are some of their snacks served along with some super sweet orange juice with nata de coco bits inside! The mini pizza was good!

Mini Pizza

A noisy band playing. Cheapened the event for me, sad to say ):
This fab event deserves better! Like a little jazz performance :)

The models who all happen to be super gorgeous and tall Caucasians were strutting their stuff at the mini fashion show!

My favourite model is the one in shades! She's so sporty!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I know it's been ages since I touched this blog because I'm currently interning, but it is pretty fun! :D Most of the work assigned to me are writing write-ups, blog posts, reviews, articles and attending media invites for launches and stuff. I love my job! :D (Because being in the office day in, day out will get extremely boring and going out everyday will be too tiring! So I must say this is the perfect combination of tasks for me^^)
(First time revealing my own picture here ><) but this is me posing with my prize in one of my most memorable events :) a Gordon Ramsay cookbook (won with blood and sweat!) and the privilege to stand on stage with Elizabeth Wong! *bimbo moment*
Photo credits to Nigel Low who was the winner of the best photo category in the 1st season of Selangorlicious. You can check out for more of his awesome pics and posts :D