Monday, July 30, 2012

Bacon, Mushrooms, Onion, Rosemary Angel Hair :D

My take on a decent pasta meal after the Food Foundry fiasco. Not comparing, just saying...

First up!
Slice the mushrooms. I believe in using fresh ones by the carton.
Trust me, it tastes really different. Bought a box of these babies for like RM4+?
Worth every cent! I removed the stems first before slicing to get a nice mushroom shape :)

One large red onion aka shallot. Diced. RM0.28

Half packet of Rosemary herbs. Set the tips aside for garnishing^^
the rest, separate from the stem. RM2+

Angel hair pasta. My favourite type because it's able to pick up 
more flavour compared to fettuccine or penne due to its fine texture.
Boil with a pinch of salt; once it's done toss in virgin olive oil 
so that the noodles will not clump together and set aside.
Didn't really measure how much I boiled. I just did by feeling.

Now the tough part. I learned this nifty trick from my aunt that if you want crispy bacon,
don't fry them with oil. But WATER. Low to medium heat.

About 2-3 tablespoons of water for 200gm of bacon. My mistake here is that I did not inspect the uniformity of bacon size before dumping everything into the pot^^;; haha! Some are quite huge chunks but it will still cook. Basically, the water will draw out the lard from the bacon and eventually evaporate. If you add oil, the bacon will cook too soon and it won't be as crispy as you want it to be :)

And when adding the mushrooms into the bacon when it's almost done, 
make sure it's in high heat or the mushrooms will produce liquid which will make everything soggy!

Mix everything together! Low heat. Toss it in the pan for the
pasta to pick up all the bacon oily goodness xD
I only added the rosemary herbs at this point because I like it fresh with a little bite.

Plate the pasta and rosemary tip on the top and serve with Parmesan cheese!
Serves two very hungry peeps!

Chunky bits in the pasta! :)

To me, the Parmesan is essential because it adds the zing and boosts the overall flavour.
Also because I added very little salt when I cook. My attempt at eating healthy!

If you give this recipe a try, do let me know how it turned out :)

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