Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bumbung Down the Drain

Please don't patronize Restaurant Bumbung (Taman Paramount) too often. I know many of you are gonna hate me for this, but hear me out first... 

The quality of the place has really depreciated immensely since my first visit. They WERE very friendly, humble, reasonable pricing, awesome food, etc... In the past an indomee single with egg and chicken and teh halia will only cost me RM5.50. Now, indomee single with egg and chicken, indomee double with egg and chicken, and 2 milo's will cost me RM15.50. It's not like we're paying for improved ambiance... cause its the same smokey, dirty, dark alley with plastic chairs and tables.

Ok ok, let's not talk about the price.

What I always have a high regard most in a restaurant is not the food or the price, but the attitude of the staff. That mamak's "bosses" are extremely rude and snobbish. Hence, my first sentence, do not patronize too often. Like the government *godknowswhichone*, they are getting complacent. "Oh no worries, I'll just charge a little extra, be a little rude, they still come back for my food. They always come back." Not only that, they open stalls whenever they like to; no mood, don't need to open la!

Milo ice, too much ice (3/4 the cup was ice). Milo panas (hot), too bland.
(This picture was after I did a little pull tea stunt 
between the hot and cold Milo to even things out)

The only thing that never changed was the quality of indomee. It's still delicious with the gooey egg. But where's the chicken? Yeah, we had to wait for our fried chicken and by the time it came, the noodles are already cold and the "boss" didn't even apologize. All he said to my friend was "Oi amoi, ambillah!" (Hey girl, faster take it!" Keep in mind that "amoi" is quite an offensive term to call a girl. I didn't even had the mood to take a picture of the chicken anymore, the fried skin (which is the best part) was missing and another piece was in pieces... Nevertheless, still in its fried oily glory, but not as glorious as it was in the past.

Verdict: Don't let them get too comfortable, or the quality will drop faster than a hot potato.

Sorry for the long wordy post, here's a potato! :D

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