Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Eighteen - The Person That I Wish I Could Be

I used to believe that when a person dies, 
he/she will turn into a guardian angel 
to protect the one he/she loves the most.

My dream was crushed when I was 17, I told this to a school senior and he laughed exclaiming "Dead people don't become angels!" ><'' OUCH!

Fell back to earth... Flat.

But still, If I could be anyone, I'd love to be an angel :) Spying for God, being an invisible hero, swooping down at the last minute to save a soul, battling demons, and on Sundays I will be singing in a choir along with millions of other angels each with an instrument of their own... flutes, harps, a great white grand piano, and God will be seated in the VIP box watching us sing with a warm smile on his face.

Each of us have our own idea of what Heaven is like. I may not be able to be an angel after death, but maybe God will grant me this one wish if I'm good? Miracles happen after all.

Who would you like to be?

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