Monday, July 16, 2012

Day Eleven - A Deceased Person I Wish I Could Talk To

Just wished you could see me now. I'm no longer childish, selfish or noisy. I do not say much when I came to visit, I somehow enjoyed the serendipity of the place, the atmosphere of the calm cemetery is soothing and I feel no negativity there. While I repaint the engravings on your tombstone, I think about the times you made me laugh, and how much I did not understand about your heart condition then. Even after your death, I just thought you were unlucky. But you are very lucky, you did not suffer long and you probably died in your sleep. Just how I wish I would go.

I remember the spare ribs you did not finish in TGI Fridays, and the time you made me share my sand art with my cousins, and the time you fought with my mum to pay for the bill. Your picture may be faded, but I will always remember how you looked when you waved good bye to us when we leave.

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