Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day Seven - To My Ex

Disclaimer: This is going to be a letter loaded with Skip Beat screen shots. If you know about this anime, that is what happened to me in real life.

Old self to Ex: Screw you. I overlooked your flaws, forgave you, called you, said good night every night to you although you were in National Service and your mobile was not at your side. You exchanged hand phones with other girls behind my back and even nagged me when I tried to reach you through your girl*friend's phone. You never spent a single cent in calling me, and always had some sob story excuse to say that you have no credit to call. Above all that you dumped me only after finishing your National Service; you made me wait 3 months for a break up. Of course, there are many other things you have wronged which I'd like to forget, therefore I will not mention details here.

After all, you did crawl back to me asking for forgiveness after 2 months from dumping me. HOHOHOHO!

My response? 

Deny all you wish, but I know you met another girl in NS, tried to make it work with her, didn't work and you tried coming back to me as if I'm yesterday's dinner.

You really have a good sense of humour, you know that?

New self to Ex: Since accepting Christ, I forgive you. But do not thread on me ever again. I became a Christian, not an Alzheimer patient.

That's all. You have nothing to do with my life now. If you happen to see me on the streets, this is the look you're gonna get.


  1. woah so feisty! hahaha :) Glad your life is great now! :DD bear hugs!

    1. not fair D: you only wrote one sentence in yours!! Teeth teeeeeeth! >___<