Monday, July 16, 2012

Day Twelve - The Person Who Caused Me A Lot of Pain

Pain you say?
Refer to the letter to my ex for pain.

Next to that is a person from church, ironically that's where I thought I could find angels, instead I met you. I think that if I did not compare notes with my boyfriend of what you said, we wouldn't be together today. You told each of us a different story, you told me that he is desperate, weak willed and wants to outsource his feelings by finding a girlfriend. You told him that I am a playgirl who flirts and jumps from one boyfriend to another and "God told me that Yumi is not for you crapolla". Guess what? It's almost our 2 year anniversary. If I were a playgirl I would have dumped him like a hot potato a few weeks after hooking up or something.

You dared to judge and didn't dare to admit, when my boyfriend personally asked you out to ask "Why is Yumi suddenly avoiding me? Who did she talk to?" and you answered "I don't know". Pathetic. Going to church doesn't make you a christian any more than standing in a garage doesn't make you a car.

Besides that, you also spread rumors and gossip about me, distorting other people's perception on me. You say that my clothing is inappropriate but I see you wearing a spaghetti strap even in public places. By what yardstick are you comparing me to? I'm glad that's over now. I have moved to a better and more matured church. You put the blame on someone else when I stopped coming for service, making another girl feel guilty and calling me to explain some things. It was never her fault. And if you do end up with that guy you fancied but denied of fancying. I really pity that lass. He's a nice guy, and you don't deserve him.

"I looked up to you, but you let me down."

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