Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Twenty One - Someone I Judged By Their First Impression

To the gummy bear in the office. I used to think that you are a very meticulous person, actually I was wrong. You're just OCD. I also used to think that you are a little kindergarten kid stuck in a grown up's body. I still think so, and I think I'm right :D

"I can't believe I just peed for like 20 seconds, I wonder where all that water came from."
*Senior in the background with speechless face*

And because you are always such a perfectionist I never thought that you're a klutz.
That gave me a shock. And a very good laugh.

"Piranhas really exists?!"
So much for calling me naive. Blek! xD

At first I thought you're quite a loving person.

You are, except that you are pretty sadistic at times.

To be honest, I used to think you had low self esteem when I first met you because you were quite quiet. LOL! I was so so so so so so wrong. 

Now I'm bombarded with scratch requests everyday in the office. But I'm happy you made the office a more cheerful place to work in :)

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