Sunday, July 29, 2012

Food Foundry

Contrary to most blogs about this place, this is not going to be a pretty review.

The decor is nice, very simple and cozy looking. There are even crayons on the table with a roll of paper for kids to scribble on. But in this case, my bf used the paper and scribbled "TASTE BAD".

Ice lemon tea. RM3. Ordered this because everything else was like over RM5.
Tastes quite artificial. Doesn't even come with a lemon slice like most decent restaurants.

The brownie is too tough. But the chocolate topping is nice. No ice cream though.
Depending how you like your brownie. This is not for me.

My friend's husband ordered this. He said it's not worth the money. RM19.
Not impressive enough to cost this much.

Eggplant & Shrimp pasta. The gravy is very watery. Not much flavour either.

Duck confit pasta. Same problem. Gravy is not gravy, rather it has the
consistency of Chinese soup.

This is the mushroom soup they charged RM10 for. VERY VERY WATERY.
I don't even taste mushroom and the soup is loaded with pepper.

Up close, my brother (12yrs old) can cook better ><

Even my bf was unhappy with this dish that he returned it to the kitchen,
when it came out it was less watery but still has the same
peppery taste, lacking mushroom flavour.

Ham and cheese croquette. RM11

Nothing special really. I don't even see the ham. 
Just like the breaded fried layer outside.

The only thing worth ordering was dessert.

Mango Mille Crepe. This is nice :) very firm and easy to cut, flavours are there.

Selasih Pink Rose Mille Crepe. This was the best order I had during the visit.
RM11 but very worth it.

Conclusion: Just come for dessert and not the main course or appetizers. This place gave us such a bad mood that we went for two good pints of hoegaarden rose beer right after at Brussels

Two pints for RM40 (promo) :D
Very smooth and doesn't taste like beer at all!

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