Monday, July 2, 2012

Ichiban Boshi!

Went out with some friends this past weekend for dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Giza Mall. In my opinion, its way better than Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi. Sushi King is not even in the question! I ordered the Business Gozen which consists of a bowl of rice, grilled mackerel with lemon wedge and pickled ginger, assorted tempura, salmon sashimi, miso soup, tofu with paste,chawanmushi and watermelon. Price? RM23.90! By the time I was done with my food, I can't even fit in dessert and if you know me very well, I can take in a lot.
The picture right below is my set :)

The rest here are my friend's xD equally tempting!

As for my set in detail! Look how fatty the salmon sashimi is! It happens to be salmon belly :D And how do you identify salmon belly? Here's how!

See the little silver glistening streaks on the flesh? and the pastel salmon pink surrounding the flesh? This is fish fat and only the salmon belly has this much omega-3 goodness! It is very different from eating other parts of the salmon. It practically melts in your mouth!

The tempura is generously fried with tempura flakes and flour which adds that awesome crunch! Yet not too much till it becomes too starchy. The mackerel has a lot of character in flavour when eaten with pickled ginger and lemon juice from the wedge. Lip smacking!

Chawanmushi is extremely flavoursome as it is steamed with chicken scallop, shittake mushrooms, crab stick and ginko. Sometimes I can taste half-hearted chefs from the chawan mushi they make. However this is made with so much tender loving care~ Tofu and miso soup is on par with the chawanmushi too!

The salmon was so good, even my bf ordered one! ;D

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