Thursday, July 19, 2012

INTI Filminutes

Yesterday was the Inti's Filminutes award ceremony. Basically a contest for inti students for the best short film with flexible genres allowed :) Started out with a stand up comedy by Henry.

Good effort, I like his energy, but not as funny as Ming Han; another guest speaker.

The singing duet was up next. This guy got talent :)

This boy, Dexter can sing but cannot pronounce the lyrics properly making the entire song pretty funny xD
I enjoyed this performance tho.

Ming Han from TMT (The Ming Thing) gave a little talk on how to make a good video!
He's really particular about selecting his actors (maybe that's why he starred in most of them by himself) lol!
His type of videos are mostly parody and humour based.

After getting a little intimidated by Ming's talk, the 1st thing Jared said was 
"My English is not so good, that's why I made my own channel" LOL!
This humble lass is from Grim Film and involves more touching and sentimental skits.

Here's another performance I did not really enjoy... I expected much more than just little leg lifts and seductive squats.
What do you think?


Even this dance was better. Did not get any video footage, because they started quite abruptly and I hate videos without beginnings >_<

Lunch in the VIP room :) *touched* Inti treat guests pretty well, I was escorted into a special room
where they served lunch to guests and judges.

After lunch was the screening of the top 10 finalists. Check them out in their facebook page to view
the top 10 :) My favourite was loving kindess.

Did not stay for the entire screening of ALL the finalists. Because the judges and VIP's arrived late, so things went behind schedule. I don't like it when big shots are not punctual =_=''' Just because you are a VIP doesn't give you the privilege to be late. Come on, we have lives too. Gosh.

Did not stay for the prize ceremony for pictures, but here are the prizes :D

This is what we have in the goodie bag, planner, free album CD, button, pen...

And an 8GB pendrive wow!!

I also like how they give little small things in nice bags :) it looks very humble yet sincere.
Things you usually find in a little kid's lunchbox. It's so cute! Brings back memories^^

I pretty much enjoyed the event :) Videos can be improved as most of them have environment noise and they forgot to include subtitles. But good talks, performances and refreshments!

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