Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monster Bites!

Click on the image to visit the monster bites page :D

This is one of my favourite lunch spots during work :D Monster Bites! My first impression when I first saw this place was meh... just over priced sandwiches... but NO!

It's really different! Plus with their new set lunch of MFC for RM8.80 it's so worth it especially if you love nomming on crunchy fried chicken skin!

Thanks to Choulyew, we got to exchange the french fries for nachos! wahaha!
and the peach tea is oh so yummeh!

This will be your regular plate of MFC :) can't stop ordering it! it's sooooo good!

When life gives you lemons, you squeeze them on your MFC! xD

This is the monster green pizza :) it's ala carte for RM7.80, my favourite 
when I don't feel like having anything fried and oily. Add on's available!

monster club sandwich my friend ordered & it comes with a free drink :D

Redeemed my free black coffee with the monster bites card! :D

Not sure if they still have it, I have been keeping mine for awhile now :) 
Can't wait to get my Monster Bites T-shirt! x3

Hope you enjoyed my post :) Cheers!

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