Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Not my first time here, but it's so far my favourite spot for specialized milk tea :) It's good these days that tea shops now allow customers to choose the sugar level they prefer from 0% to 100%. Me, being the "play safe" type of person went for 50% and it was just nice for me.

I ordered the Pop Egg Milk Tea, and my bf ordered the matcha red bean.
Matcha red bean is not as creamy or fun (no pop eggs) as the milk tea, 
but the combination of azuki beans and green tea really hits the spot!

This is not a regular pearl milk tea, the "pop egg" actually has some sweet caramelized coffee taste
that explodes in your mouth when you bite it xD

Also ordered the famous mille crepes! Strawberry and mango peach flavour.
Strawberry flavour's the best so far, compared to mango peach and vanilla (original)

The amazing thin slices of layered crepes! Anyone has the same trouble of pronouncing "crepes"?
(Craps, creepy, crape, etc)

Damage done. Oh well, YOLO xD

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