Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day Two - To My Crush

Perhaps I have misunderstood your kindness towards me, you are the longest crush I ever had. I've always looked forward to Fridays because that's when we paint the mural together and occasionally you would offer to walk or cycle me home. You were different from other boys in school, and although nothing really started between us, I will remember you always as someone who is not fated for me. I really took your statement seriously, "If we are both single in two years time, let's be together okay?" You will tease and annoy me but yet get so protective over me when a teacher's spoiled son tried to pick on me during the police cadet hike by holding my hand and letting me hide behind you and the time when you piggy backed me through a deep puddle in school, not wanting my school shoes to get dirty and you exclaimed "you're as light as my bicycle". (So glad I forgot to eat lunch that day lol!) All these happened 6 years ago. And I have realized that you have only been treating me as a little sister.

All in all I'm glad that you and I now have someone else in our lives. I will never forget how you looked and acted. No matter what I wish you all the best for you and your girlfriend and hope that you are as happy as I am with my boyfriend :)


  1. that's really sweet. wah like japanese high school drama D: haha

    i guess these memories are those you will cherish forever. it doesnt means you're cheating of your bf now to think of these memories haha. it's a piece of memory which will make you smile every time u think of it. :) life is pretty!

    1. Thanks choulyew! :3 it is quite a fond memory^^ I'm happy you understand how I feel and I know it sounds like drama but all these really happened however plainly I put it lol Dx the world is but a stage and we the performers :)