Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Five - To My Dreams

I can't remember specifically what I dreamed about but this was a constant occurring dream for a few nights within a few years, each part was a continuation from the last. The dream was vivid and so symbolic that I did not understand it the slightest bit. I remembered this carnival in a far away land, and me working in it as a fortune teller, and an old man getting this tarot card with a flower on it. I said that he can keep the card, but he forgot it on the way out. I ran after him, searching for him and followed him to the grassy mountainous fields outside the carnival.

The next thing I know, I died on the spot and I did not know what hit me. But I felt extremely calm as I fell on the soft moist grass.

Although I was dead, my mind was conscious the entire time. I saw the sky darken and stars appeared, they were beautiful, glistening precious stones embedded in the dark velvety sky. I felt at ease and comfortable, almost forgetting that I am dead or how I died.

Dreams, please do not be so vivid. I don't mind dying in my dreams as long as I die peacefully! Although my life ended there, it was a pretty good dream :) Thank you.

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