Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day Three - To My Parents

I've always felt like the black sheep of the family. I did not inherit any brains from any of you, did not excel as well as my sister, yet felt a little better when I saw so much of myself in my brother. In a way, I felt upset that each of you had a favourite and it wasn't me. Although you deny it, actions speak louder than words, I did not become a bad liar by practicing. As a consolation (or maybe better?), I am loved by both yeh yeh and ma ma. I know that one day, my sister will be the leader and rice bowl of the family and you both have placed all hope on her. Nevertheless, I will never be like her and will not walk in her shadows. I'm am sick of the constant comparison between my sister and I. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses. All these words feel like venom, but beneath all this poison is just hurt. I still love my family dearly and can only feel united when every member of the family is together. I feel a lot better about my self esteem since accepting Christ, meeting my boyfriend and having a pet. It finally feels like a family again.


  1. Phone, why you no have flash? D:
    I tried to comment on this post, but the verification code thingy won't appear on my phone.

    I think that different people see different things in others. While your parents may favor academic pursuits over emotional intelligence, I'm sure your boyfriend loves you for your big heart.

    Life is a jigsaw puzzle in which each of us is a part. Each of us is needed. Never let anyone convince you otherwise. :) Remember that old tale about the lion and the mouse?

    1. hmm... i don't remember that tale. maybe you can tell me on Friday :O