Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Four - To My Siblings

Hi sis and bro,

The three of us, being born under such fierce zodiacs is evident that once in awhile, we will definitely fight for some form of power or affection. I, who is neither the youngest nor eldest, nor the only daughter have already lost to the both of you. But I'm fine, as long as I'm not ignored by everyone at the end of the day. I'm extremely charitable hoho!

Sis, you have been my role model since the day I was born, I've always tried to imitate whatever you did or liked, like that chocolate mint ice cream; I didn't really like it to be honest. I preferred plain chocolate, but I did not want to disappoint you or our parents that I am nothing like you, yet I was too hard headed to admit it. I sometimes do not want you to return home, because you would be controlling what time I should sleep, what I should be doing at that precise moment and what time I should be home. You are a control freak by nature, but I guess it is for my own good in the end. And when you finally leave for Singapore, I get stuck with that random Google fact: "when you wake up at 2-3am, there is a 80% chance that someone is looking at you". Gee... thanks a lot Google... come home soon, so I can be motivated enough to lose some fats.

Bro, *sigh* I know you can't read that well, or know my blogger address, but when you finally do, or so happen to on my laptop without permission, I just want to say be good :) Don't get influenced by bad kids, protect the weak, like how you protected our dragon from the little kids who tried to pluck out his thorns and eyes. We may not be as smart as Big Jie Jie, but you definitely have the flare for talking smart. You witty boy, always talking back. Be a lawyer or a chef okay? At least then, I will be able to benefit from your passions a little. Teehee!

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