Monday, July 23, 2012

Vary Pasta

Second time here :) Reasonable pricing and ambiance. This place is near the old atria, corner shop lot.


Honey Lemon, was too sour for me, but the waiters are nice enough 
to add more honey for me when I requested.

Apple Juice, freshly blended, but alike most restaurants, 
they add a lot of sugar water. Apples are not very fresh either.

Potato crepe was really good! It's pan fried rosti with 
sauteed mushroom and onions in between. The best order :D

And they used fresh mushrooms too! Not the ones from the can.

The pork bourguignon. It's quite bland and the pork wasn't well marinated.
I noticed some pastas with red sauce have the same problem.

Mushroom aglio olio! Full of flavours from natural ingredients, 
loaded with garlic, mushrooms, onions and herbs. 
The only thing missing was the Parmesan cheese. 

On average, RM20 per person with drinks and appetizer included.
Not bad for an Italian restaurant. Remember to order the potato crepe!

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