Monday, August 6, 2012

Day Thirty - My Reflection In The Mirror

When it comes to my reflection I cannot help but comment on my physique first. That's what normal people do. Very unhappy with how unhealthy I had become lately, eating junk food, sitting for long hours in the a.c room, spoiled with so much good restaurants in my working vicinity, not exercising. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying I'm determined for a full body workout during my semester break when all these temptations are no longer in walking distance. Although I have a 3 week free gym trial, I have nobody to go with ):

It's best to start when you're beginning to see changes in the body before you become too fat to even un-glue your butt from the sofa! Just hope it's not too late then. Bad body! Stay!

Hello temporal shell.
(Make up done by big sista Nicole)
She pampers me too much xD

Secondly, I noticed that your faced have changed plenty since the day you're born. Seems like nobody can recognize me from my toddler's pictures and some even thought I had some kind of plastic surgery! Gawd no! (If I did, I'd look like a member from Girl's Generation. Cannot even begin to compare and that is absurdly out of the question!) Maybe the constant years of pinching my face pimples had altered the way it grew... haha! I dunno.

Like most normal people, it is not rare that we are often dissatisfied with ourselves, how we look, how we should've acted in that particular moment. But I believe that if we were made complete and perfect, there won't be a point to live on because they is nothing to accomplish, nothing to fight for. Like a diamond in the rough, we need some polishing and sharpening to be the ultimate perfect cut stone.