Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day Twenty Four - The Person That Gave Me My Favourite Memory

Only some people who knows who I associate this character to will know who I mean^^ hoho! -speaking in riddles due to headache-

"Green Frog play with Elmo?"

My favourite memory thus far, is the time when we made cookies together, I did not know you had feelings for me then, (just heard some rumours here and there and that's about it) but I thought that you were being very thoughtful; allowing me to mess up your kitchen to make cookies for cell night. It was awkward but fun^^ until you fished out that Chuckie movie and let me watch D:

This cookie monster pic is only appropriate to describe the feeling.

Lastly, when you left your email open at my house earlier and did not log out, I was automatically directed to your old blog where your last post was published in 2007. I'd very much like to see you blog again, although some contents are quite dirty/ foul mouthed/ disgustingly funny. You changed a lot since haven't you? :) Wish to meet the old you, but the now you is a very much matured person and perhaps more passionate? Teehee!

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