Friday, August 3, 2012

Day Twenty Seven - The Friendliest Person I Knew For Only One Day

Hi Carrie :)

Wall poster on Tango's "habitat".

We met at an iStore in Digital Mall, it first started out with application features on the iPad2 and later it moved to how you love red heads with even have your email named redtitanium and how much we both love animals. Your neighbours pet dogs and chickens, my Tango, and you even used his picture for your mobile  wallpaper^^ You're also very knowledgeable in air crafts used in WWII.

You are very nice, but I can tell that you are also pretty lonely. Although we only met for a day, beneath that cheerful exterior lies a longing heart. Wishing you husband would either just let you come with him to the country he is working in or him coming back to you.

I did not dare to inquire further about your marriage life, but life goes on really. I'm glad you have your land lady to keep you company with all the pets she own. Continue to love animals as they heal your loneliness :) 

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