Sunday, August 5, 2012

Delicious For Two!

Seems like only yesterday I saw you spilled the entire strawberry milkshake when I joked that I was engaged as you muttered on later; "That didn't taste good anyway..."

That was more than two years ago, in a blink of an eye.

I'm happy we're still together :) It could be too short to prove anything to anyone, but it is proven to me that robots can be attractive and math is sexy! ;D To commemorate our two year anniversary, I brought my bf over to "Delicious" to let him try the Berrylicious Chocolate Pavlova! Wait for it...

Target sighted.

We had to sit down and keep quiet or we won't get our cake ):
The lit birdcages are very pretty too!^^ 
Loving the decor and ambiance, although I sat on a stain. 
That's the problem with having comfy cushions in a restaurant.

Bf wanted something traditional and savoury so he ordered the 
classic brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.
This is something we simply cannot "tah pao"(take away),
the warm velvety sauce compliments the buttery soft brownie,
and the vanilla ice cream just adds to the texture for our tongue to savour to.
From the chewy, to the warm and smooth finally ending up with a cold pang.

This is for the more sophisticated taste with a sweet tooth.
Also very romantic I might add xD I wanted to share this with bf
*imagines myself spoon feeding him by the mouthful and he'll say this is something new! I like! :D*
but he insisted on the brownie. Unromantic robot is unromantic.
I did give some to him but he says he prefers the brownie! Bad robot!

How can one resist the crispy pavlova that practically melts in your mouth?
It's also whisked with chocolate chips inside and it's topped with 
whipping cream and strawberries as soon as it has cooled down from the oven.
The strawberries used this time round was a tad too sour for me, but the pavlova
was sheer heaven and I thought about nothing else but pavlova on the ride home.

Did you know that this dessert was named after a Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova?
Australia and NZ has been arguing over this dessert for where it was originated from.

For me, I totally get why these two countries would fight for this amazing masterpiece, and sometimes a dessert just tastes a lot better if you know the history of it^^ appreciation counts in the end. And...

I don't care for where the brownie originates from, so don't ask me. LOL

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