Saturday, August 25, 2012


Albeit this is located in a secluded housing area, 
the tables were full of reservation signs.

It's in Damansara Kim, which is not far from uptown and Tropicana City mall and just before TTDI. Come here if you love German sausages! Let me tell you why xD

They have their own supply of quality cuts!
(most likely imported, because it has funny German names on the labels)
No worries of running out of ingredients or afraid that the food is not fresh ><

Not forgetting gravies, spices and other neat stuff!

Restaurant ambiance, before the storm comes.
My first time here, I was blessed enough to watch the Matterhorn Challenge.
What is that you say?

A Big Bad Burger the size of 10 normal sized burgers!
Containing 1.5kg of pork patty and 11 slices of Swiss cheese! HOMG!
The Matterhorn Burger Challenge:
Time: 45mins
Prize: Free burger (price of RM88++ waived), a mystery gift & cash reward of RM100.
Participants must sign a liability waiver form prior to entering the contest.
A complimentary polaroid photo will be given to commemorate the occasion & one will be displayed on a table near the entrance of the restaurant.
To win, The Matterhorn burger must be finished within 45 minutes. No leftover of vegetables, cheese, patty, bread or any part of the burger should remain on the plate.
If a participant fails to finish within the stipulated time, the cost of the burger at RM88++ would be charged. Any leftover of the burger cannot be shared with other diners but allowed to takeaway.

Of course I'd rather not shorten my lifespan by forcing my already bloated tummy to digest that much,
rather pay for a meal I can conquer. These dinner buns are complimentary upon order.

Complimentary they may be, but it's really good fresh and warm buns.
Very soft and fluffy, accompanied with the sinful fattening goodness of butter.
Yum! If you want an extra bun (which is very tempting) 
it will only cost you an extra RM1.30

Hot Chocolate. RM6. Quite sad it did not come in a mug with 
whipped cream or marshmallows or biscotti.
But it's lovely, even without the brown sugar it came with.
Smooth, hot and frothy!

Rosti with bacon. A little under RM20.
shredded potatoes pan fried with onions and bacon. 
Simple but satisfying.

Mixed Sausage Platter. RM45. Served with potato egg salad and some shredded pickles I think?
They reduce the saltiness of the sausages. Not all of them are salty though.
My favourite was the cheese sausage. *Obviously*
All of them have firm crunchy skins bursting with juicy insides.
More juicy info on their sausages here.

Total damage: Approximately RM80. I do enjoy sharing dishes with bf :)
I get to taste more and not overeat at the same time.

Verdict: Expensive but worth every cent! 
Excellent food arrived upon excellent timing accompanied with excellent service.
They've earned yet another happy customer :)

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