Monday, August 6, 2012

Eye-Candy Switch

So so so proud of my aunt who is very talented in painting wood! Have you seen this ingenious wall switch deco before? It's a good conversation starter and makes dull and boring wall switches come to live. 

All her pieces are hand drawn, hand stenciled, hand traced, hand painted and hand coated (up to five layers) using only high end gouache on custom cut wood to ensure top notch quality! Definitely cannot be compared to those mass produced, factory, cheap labour, *coughmadeinchinacough* products. She's thinking about painting some more and selling them but she isn't sure how much it is worth in the local market.

Will Malaysians appreciate art like these?

How much do you think she should sell them for?

Ideas, anyone? :)

Moo-Moo Switch Piece

Farm Ducks Switch Piece


  1. I'd say RM 28 since she uses high-quality items. They look rather difficult to paint too! O_O

  2. i think around RM20. but i wouldnt buy it for my switch though. lol. perhaps something else more useful like key holder, coat hanger, or ssmth :)

  3. Omg hou nice wei XD Talented ppl!I think RM25.90 XD Ermm..hw abt wallpapers?or stickers?

  4. i think around RM15-RM20.i wouldnt buy it just of a decor for my switch.

  5. omg!!! its so nice!!! can even go for rm30, anyway the handmade effort +artistic talent is priceless :P

    1. aww thx! :D my aunt will be happy to hear this! ^^ <3