Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fleur Cafe

This place recently opened near bf's place in Taman Mayang.
One of the Oasis's shop lot unit.
He really likes how classy and simple it looks.

Did not try the cake, after what we had at La Manila's. 
Who wants cake elsewhere?

Decor is really pretty as they have collaborated with the florist next door,
hence their name "Fleur" for flower in French :)

Wild Mushroom Soup. RM4

Not bad :) 60% cheaper than Food Foundry but 200% times better.
(So sorry Food Foundry, even Arrio's can't beat you)

NZ Lamb Chop. RM18.90

I asked for medium rare, but it's cooked to the center. No pinkish hue ):
The chops are also quite thin. At least it's still tasty.

Coleslaw and mash potatoes. This I like, coleslaw seems fresh 
unlike those overnight soggy ones we usually get at KFC. Vegetables sliced thinly,
but not too fine, just the way I like it :) Mash potatoes come with the skin on.
That's one indication it is not instant.

Gravies! Brown sauce and mint. Always love my lamb with mint.
Used the brown sauce for mash^^ They are very generous with gravies. I like.

Bf's choice. Fish & Chips but instead of chips, it's a potato salad. 
It's quite good, the salad that is :) RM13.90

Fish is sadly not battered with beer. I tasted some and I liked the texture of it^^
Although I feel that if I were to eat the whole thing my throat will be swimming in oil.
Still, not bad at all.

Total damage + service charge = RM40.50

Verdict: Sure it's a little pricey, but they gave us good service, free water when we did not order drinks and our food arrived in an acceptable time piping hot.

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