Thursday, August 9, 2012

La Manila

This place has been here like forever. Even way before a branch opened at Mid Valley. Used to be a booming place but it has since been overshadowed by 3 other bakeries nearby. Still my favourite cake shop :)

Many many eons ago...
Uncle: What cake do you want for your birthday?
(expecting a flavour)
Me: A pink cake! :D

Durian Cheese. RM6.50

One should not order this when it's not durian season.
The flesh is not very fresh but the base is the best^^
Flavourful, crumbly and sweet.
La Manila cake bases are the best!

New York Cheese Cake. RM6.50
Obviously the better choice.

Cake is firm and creamy :) Love the richness and
I can't get enough of the cookie base! ><

Cake served with tea is best!

Of all the cakes ordered here, toffee banana is my favourite :)
Ordered it for grandma's 79th B'day.
She asked me why I ordered this flavour, without thinking I said
"because your zodiac is the monkey."
She'd be turning 81 end of this year if she follows the English Calendar.

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