Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mentholatum Think Pink Lip Ice Water Colour

My pretty pretty pretty senior in the middle! Gonna miss you much!
Love the button! I get the message haha!

So internship came and left like a really good dream. Once I return to uni, my English level is going to drop like a meteor from the sky. I really loved the English environment in the office, which is sadly difficult to find in an increasingly vast Chinese educated society. Totally fell in love when senior told me to use British spelling, not American. Yes! So much love! God save the Queen~!

The last supper together as interns, with the permanent staff...
"I have a lovely bunch of coconuts" comes into mind when I think of the company.

Too reward myself for such an eventful week, I got myself a lip balm :D
*Because I lost mine, and my uncle had some coupons*

Vintage Pink. It does look quite natural, but not natural enough 
because it has a lip stick consistency.
(Obvious colour flakes on dry lips)
Appearance will improve if you apply Vaseline on your lips first 
before applying this for a more even and subtle colour!
For some reason my lips feel a little "heaty" after applying it. 
Still prefer the Maybelline cherry lip balm for a more natural hue.

Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday as much as I am! :D

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