Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Secret Recipe Cakes

Went over to Secret Recipe with some friends for our secret surprise project.
It was almost 10pm so the McDonald's nearby which was our initial spot was closing shop.

Since the 5 of us are pretty broke we shared 2 cakes among ourselves.
It's not cheap okay... RM7 per slice! 
Not yet add tax also... *takes out imaginary calculator*

We decided on Chocolate Indulgence, their specialty cake and also safest choice.
As a matter of fact-ly, it did taste better than the other cake.
Very rich and creamy :) Quality has not depleted, but the price has inflated.

Pecan Hazelnut I think? The taste was quite tame, I couldn't really tell what flavour it is..
Although this is more fun to munch on as there are little nutty bits in there (healthier choice),
us girls preferred the good ol'classic chocolate cake.

Even though the restaurant officially closes at 11pm, the kitchen was already closed by 9.30pm. They should've mentioned that... =__=''

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