Monday, August 6, 2012

Tarbush Restaurant

Another place I stopped at for my 2nd year anniversary, this place is considered meaningful because this was the first place bf brought me on our official first date.

And we sat at the exact same spot we did two years ago.

Kibbeh and Sambosa

Kibbeh's flavour is sufficient for me^^ and it's also well minced.
Goes very well with the tomato garnishing. Bf's favourite dish. RM18

Sambosa is my fav :) Basically crispy popiah-like shells 
and chock full of melted cheese inside! 
(other filling choices available) RM10

We shared the Tarbush Mix Grill too, so romantic kan? ;D
I'm quite sad the authenticity of this dish is ruined with the french fries.
What is it doing there I wonder. Anyways this platter is served with Lebanese bread.

We had to ask the waiter how to come about to attacking this dish.
He said to eat it like this. Okay. :D Yummy no matter how I eat it anyway xD
Also the meat is quite dry, but the drinks there are expensive. 
So remember sneak in a water bottle! Teehee!

Arayes Lamb which is included in this platter :)
Quite juicy compared to the plain Lebanese bread and very flavourful.

Most grilled dishes are served with what they call a garlic sauce.
It's a little sour but creamy and goes very well with 
the grilled meat and makes the bread less dry. 
We had to ask for extra garlic sauce because it was so good. 
Eating them by the spoonfuls!

Conclusion: Will definitely come back for the Sambosa again and maybe next time I'll try a non grilled dish :)

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