Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse *updated*

You may have imagined of one happening and you may have thought about what you are going to do if it hits. Trust me, you'll forget all that when it does. Thank God I found out earlier at this "mock zombie apocalypse" at Sunway Lagoon. Shockingly realistic!

Everything started out hunky-dory, with a nice buffet spread 
(but food not so nice)... hehe!
All the while when we were eating, I kept imagining...
Anytime now, they're all gonna appear and scare the crap out of us...

Big shots on the stage, I think I understood why there were quite a number of
Caucasians there. Even one was nice enough to help me get a drink o_o
*culture shocked*


Can you imagine how it feels like to see a truck load of zombies 
get down from the truck with its gnarling teeth and stuff?
Luckily, I saw the un-make upped arm and convinced myself that it's not real. Phew!

The short guy standing in the middle should be the zombie boss.

Very realistic make up! Did it themselves... amazing...
Too bad we were too focused on going far far away 
from them to appreciate their face. LOL

Sadly I did not record the scariest part of the event. It was when the producer said, let the launch officially begin; and this horde of zombies slammed open the door and ran out at us. All of us freaked out, thank heavens! My friends and I were standing at the carousel at the back, but even paranoid parrot me kept looking behind to make sure no zombies are sneaking up on us! Then we proceeded into the horror house for more spine chilling experience. Instead we came out quite sweaty because everyone was clumped up together in fright. I felt more than 2 people clinging on me.

After the tour... before getting in to the horror house I actually asked
that woman if I can have her gun. Business would be better if we are allowed to
virtually kill the zombies, like laser tag you know?

Most fun media invite I had so far! :D Too bad gummy bear was down with food poisoning and couldn't go :(

Here are more press pictures they have sent me~ *Still feeling sick in the gut* (Ahh my pretty flowery blog ruined!) x___X

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