Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wang Chiew Restaurant

My grandma's current favourite restaurant. 
It serves decent *actually the best I know* Chinese cuisine at an okay price :)
Located near the Taman SEA primary school and bomba.
I'll let the pics do the talking on this one.

Beancurd and three types of mushrooms.

Stir fried kai lan. (with crispy shredded leaves & crunchy stems)

Huge home made tofu. (I think all their tofu dishes are home made)
Soft like the egg tofu we always buy in markets but way fresher and tastier!

Yin Yang Prawns (Marmite & Salad style)

Assam Fish. Very very fresh meat, soft and succulent!

Finally the star! Pork knuckle (Ham Ju Sao) with mustard. Chef's Specialty!
Must order at every visit.

See how my bro pigs out at the remains? It's that good!

RM271.60 for 11 people. Six dishes and one take away, rice and tea included.
Really not bad at all :)

Fair warning though, call for reservation first or you may be disappointed.
It used to own 2 shops but only one is left now. 
No idea why, but they ended up putting tables and chairs outside the restaurant vicinity.
And make sure you have a strong stomach!

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