Saturday, September 29, 2012


Finally back from Korea! ;D

Obviously not winking like that emoticon up there and here is why...

1) No more auto butt-wash. Almost every public toilet is super clean if not infested by China tourists (no offence but yes, I'm generalizing. I'm Chinese myself, so I ain't being racist.) and complete with auto butt-wash from butt to private parts to God knows what else there are ~_~ buttons are all in Korean so I had to guess here and there.

Put your hand inside for good luck. 
Put your entire head inside to cure a headache.

2) Weather there (autumn) was like Genting! Quite chilly, I love it. Walking under the sun there was not as tormenting as here in M'sia. Picture a couple running towards each other on a nice breezy grassy meadow. Yeap. Feels like that there. Now picture a vampire about to burst into flames (or a witch melting from a bucket of water). Yeap. Feels like that here. 

3) Healthy lifestyle. No wonder all the people there are so tall, handsome, pretty... Gorgeous! They hardly eat junk food (mostly kimchi, porridge, seafood), have very affordable skincare products and they cycle.

4) Which comes to point no.4. Low crime rate. People park their bicycles without having to lock or latch their vehicle. I see locals leaving their wallets on canteen tables to book that spot just to get a drink of water. Water there is free btw.

Crab is happy. Na, not really. But Jeju water makes you pretty :D

5) Immensely patriotic. Mostly KIA's and Hyundai's are seen on the highways. Over here? Sorry lah, we're not patriotic enough to put our lives in danger driving a Milo tin.

The neutralizers:

1) I was only there in autumn, we were told that our group was very blessed for clear skies during the entire stay as there was a typhoon a few days ago at the same vicinity. I cannot really tell if the weather/ temperature is like that all year round. Obviously not! But I love it when I was there.

Hot pot almost at every meal.

2) M'sians have probably left a stereotypical impression for Koreans. "Malaysians love to bargain, so always know when to ask for a cheaper price. Or they won't give a damn." Come on, who wouldn't? Even the locals are trying to cut our throats by selling us RM700+ imitation bags with no names. Can't really blame us for trying to get things cheaper.

Peach ish yummeh!
Persimmons too.
And the pears.

3) Language barrier. Although playing sign language with the bus driver and tour photographer was quite fun haha. Not the case with shop people. One of them tried to trade me for a pair of boots with my mum. He's funny, so I forgave him and I told him I'm not worth JUST 3000won. Bought the boots wheee!

Martin (photographer whom I first misheard the name as "Mati")
and Korean yeh-yeh (grandpa) The bus driver. Korean yeh-yeh says I look pretty!
^_______,^ ahhhhhhhhhhhh~
Gamsahamidaaaaaaaaaa~ Sarangheyo~~~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Casahana Mooncakes

Look what my bf bought for my family! :D It's a RM1.50 blanket piglet biscuit!
Nah, just kidding. It's for me :P

He bought my family this :D
Super elegant Casahana Mooncake set.
Packaging is made of 3 tiers of ceramic bowls and wood.
This set costs RM76+ after discount :)

He saw me looking at the Casahana counter and came by to see 
what I was checking out. He's looking for mooncakes to give my parents.
The promoter was so nice to give us a 30% discount for this set.
She also allowed me to change one of the flavours, 
originally crunchy meat and nuts and I changed it too....

Charcoal Green Tea White Chocolate Mooncake!
I know it sounds weird but I actually like the taste.
It's not as sweet as other mooncake brands too.
(Sampled some on the spot so it's not just based on one flavour)

Packaging is super cute too^^ Can't wait to taste this 
green tea mooncake and the traditional single yoke white lotus paste.

Liana's Cafe

One of my favourite haunts, especially after church service.
It's called Liana's Cafe, aka Bayu Timur.
Located opposite Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah, 
same row as Secret Recipe & 7-11.

Another reason why I love this place. Four thine forks and all cutlery are "noh-play-play"
made in Japan! 8D

My usual English Breakfast Tea and Bf's Iced White Coffee.

Mushroom soup. Not the instant stuff, they blended real mushrooms.

Little watery but taste is definitely there.

Salmon Angel Hair Pasta!

Creamy and flavoursome thanks to the preserved salmon. 
The salmon meat is a flaky, dry and salted hence my assumption.
And every forkful must be eaten with that leafy herb :D
I think it's sweet basil, it has a minty kind of bitter taste to it.

First time ordering pizza from Liana's.
This is the first time we saw pizza topping covering the entire surface of the dough.

Very juicy! In a way very good business sense. Bf says it's the same
ingredients for Bolognese.

I didn't take a picture of the dessert (Nyonya kuih) because they forgot to serve it and I had to take away. Anyways the lunch set is RM21.90 (Soup of the Day, Main, Tea/Coffee, Dessert). The ala carte is more worth it if you're not that hungry. They serve awesome mushroom steak pies too!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thankful I Should Be :)

I remembered how often I think about God only when I have problems or in times of need; but when something truly amazing happens, I cannot help but give thanks to the big guy above.

Jeju Island, here I come!
For once, please be as beautiful as what I see on Google m'kay?

Firstly, I have a well functioning family. Sure we have our ups and downs and ugliness; every family does. What I've learned is that we only show our ugliness to our family because we trust them and that they accept us for who we are.

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

Secondly, finding an awesome place to intern at, despite hearing stuff prior to the internship that the office is full of Chinese speaking employees who will not be comfortable with English. And how wrong they were! Almost everyone there is banana (yellow outside, white inside). Did not doubt them for a second because every issue I read is written in perfect English, just a few innocent typo's here and there but still acceptable. They have opened so many opportunities for me, assuring me that I'm definitely not alone. Allowing me to interview a British singer, allowing me to write full articles from scratch and printing it in countless issues, blogging for their website, giving me the chance to copy write for one of their huge clients; Sony, getting so much goodies throughout my internship although I'm earning the least allowance, trusting me to represent them as media partner and the list just goes on and on...

Ephesians 2:8

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God

Thirdly, the small little amazing things that just keeps happening to me. Thought my mum would be travelling to South Korea alone again like how she did for Australia a few years back. Coincidentally, a friend of hers couldn't make it and I happen to still be on holiday at that time. Timing just falls in place so nicely sometimes that it's hard to believe it's sheer coincidence.

Sometimes... I feel that God had given so many gifts to my siblings, in terms of IQ especially. *ahem!* Since I've been around for a little over 2 decades, I cannot help but feel that He made up a lot more for me with blessings that seem to fall from the sky.

Finally, winning a scrapbook contest. It isn't grand prize, but it's still a huge amount for a student who is earning negative for every semester taken. At one point, I did lose a little hope when I urged some friends to join the contest with me, but was politely declined. Still thinking what to do with the money, definitely saving it, definitely spending it, definitely giving back^^