Monday, September 17, 2012

Casahana Mooncakes

Look what my bf bought for my family! :D It's a RM1.50 blanket piglet biscuit!
Nah, just kidding. It's for me :P

He bought my family this :D
Super elegant Casahana Mooncake set.
Packaging is made of 3 tiers of ceramic bowls and wood.
This set costs RM76+ after discount :)

He saw me looking at the Casahana counter and came by to see 
what I was checking out. He's looking for mooncakes to give my parents.
The promoter was so nice to give us a 30% discount for this set.
She also allowed me to change one of the flavours, 
originally crunchy meat and nuts and I changed it too....

Charcoal Green Tea White Chocolate Mooncake!
I know it sounds weird but I actually like the taste.
It's not as sweet as other mooncake brands too.
(Sampled some on the spot so it's not just based on one flavour)

Packaging is super cute too^^ Can't wait to taste this 
green tea mooncake and the traditional single yoke white lotus paste.

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