Saturday, September 29, 2012


Finally back from Korea! ;D

Obviously not winking like that emoticon up there and here is why...

1) No more auto butt-wash. Almost every public toilet is super clean if not infested by China tourists (no offence but yes, I'm generalizing. I'm Chinese myself, so I ain't being racist.) and complete with auto butt-wash from butt to private parts to God knows what else there are ~_~ buttons are all in Korean so I had to guess here and there.

Put your hand inside for good luck. 
Put your entire head inside to cure a headache.

2) Weather there (autumn) was like Genting! Quite chilly, I love it. Walking under the sun there was not as tormenting as here in M'sia. Picture a couple running towards each other on a nice breezy grassy meadow. Yeap. Feels like that there. Now picture a vampire about to burst into flames (or a witch melting from a bucket of water). Yeap. Feels like that here. 

3) Healthy lifestyle. No wonder all the people there are so tall, handsome, pretty... Gorgeous! They hardly eat junk food (mostly kimchi, porridge, seafood), have very affordable skincare products and they cycle.

4) Which comes to point no.4. Low crime rate. People park their bicycles without having to lock or latch their vehicle. I see locals leaving their wallets on canteen tables to book that spot just to get a drink of water. Water there is free btw.

Crab is happy. Na, not really. But Jeju water makes you pretty :D

5) Immensely patriotic. Mostly KIA's and Hyundai's are seen on the highways. Over here? Sorry lah, we're not patriotic enough to put our lives in danger driving a Milo tin.

The neutralizers:

1) I was only there in autumn, we were told that our group was very blessed for clear skies during the entire stay as there was a typhoon a few days ago at the same vicinity. I cannot really tell if the weather/ temperature is like that all year round. Obviously not! But I love it when I was there.

Hot pot almost at every meal.

2) M'sians have probably left a stereotypical impression for Koreans. "Malaysians love to bargain, so always know when to ask for a cheaper price. Or they won't give a damn." Come on, who wouldn't? Even the locals are trying to cut our throats by selling us RM700+ imitation bags with no names. Can't really blame us for trying to get things cheaper.

Peach ish yummeh!
Persimmons too.
And the pears.

3) Language barrier. Although playing sign language with the bus driver and tour photographer was quite fun haha. Not the case with shop people. One of them tried to trade me for a pair of boots with my mum. He's funny, so I forgave him and I told him I'm not worth JUST 3000won. Bought the boots wheee!

Martin (photographer whom I first misheard the name as "Mati")
and Korean yeh-yeh (grandpa) The bus driver. Korean yeh-yeh says I look pretty!
^_______,^ ahhhhhhhhhhhh~
Gamsahamidaaaaaaaaaa~ Sarangheyo~~~

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