Monday, September 17, 2012

Liana's Cafe

One of my favourite haunts, especially after church service.
It's called Liana's Cafe, aka Bayu Timur.
Located opposite Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah, 
same row as Secret Recipe & 7-11.

Another reason why I love this place. Four thine forks and all cutlery are "noh-play-play"
made in Japan! 8D

My usual English Breakfast Tea and Bf's Iced White Coffee.

Mushroom soup. Not the instant stuff, they blended real mushrooms.

Little watery but taste is definitely there.

Salmon Angel Hair Pasta!

Creamy and flavoursome thanks to the preserved salmon. 
The salmon meat is a flaky, dry and salted hence my assumption.
And every forkful must be eaten with that leafy herb :D
I think it's sweet basil, it has a minty kind of bitter taste to it.

First time ordering pizza from Liana's.
This is the first time we saw pizza topping covering the entire surface of the dough.

Very juicy! In a way very good business sense. Bf says it's the same
ingredients for Bolognese.

I didn't take a picture of the dessert (Nyonya kuih) because they forgot to serve it and I had to take away. Anyways the lunch set is RM21.90 (Soup of the Day, Main, Tea/Coffee, Dessert). The ala carte is more worth it if you're not that hungry. They serve awesome mushroom steak pies too!

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