Friday, October 26, 2012

Legally A Lawyer

It's not usually something I would blog about, but I cannot help but feel so extremely thrilled for you. This past Monday I went to the high court to see my dear friend get called to the bar together with his parents and aunt and his other friends were also there to support him. I put on my best office attire to witness this joyous event, even skipped a lecture for this. *shhh!* But so worth it :)

"Justin, I can't wait to watch your very first court trial you lead!"

He looks so good in his court robe; I have no idea how his mother managed to keep a poised, straight face while watching all this. I was mentally cheering with my inside voice as his master put the robe on for him. After his turn was over, the rest of the proceeding was quite a drag. 15 lawyers there were. Even saw a lawyer getting robed by his grandfather who was a lawyer, and his father *also a lawyer* was standing at a side brimming from ear to ear. Three generations of lawyers! This made me think if one's occupation is hereditary.

Nevertheless, I may not be his mum, but I'm so proud of him. Congratulations is not enough to express my happiness.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rosemary Bites

Always had good experiences here, so decided to share about this place^^

 I love their deco! They have vintage posters hung up around the place.

Also health benefit info of herbs & fruit.

Ice lemon tea & Rosemary lime drink.

It's pretty good. Tastes like lemonade made with rosemary infused water.
It may be a bit too sour or herb-y for some.

Mushroom soup :) Garlic bread is good.

As for the soup, the taste is there, but they added too much starch ):

Chicken chop your way! BBQ sauce for a change from the regular black pepper. 
The sides are also yummy and it has this homemade taste.

Honey Miso Salmon. When I ordered I thought this must be interesting,
quite sad I did not taste any miso in it.
Squeezing lemon over it gives the fish an extra kick^^
 The side of the steak is very juicy
whereas the center is a little overcooked ):

It's very easy to overcook salmon, once the white layers in between the red is not there
after cooking. You should expect them to be a little dry.

Apple Crumble.
Awesome dessert^^ they have soft apple slices at the bottom of the crumble
which adds to the fragrance and flavour. Vanilla ice cream compliments the taste very well.

Total damage: Around RM60

Verdict: No regrets, also when they have clam chowder on the menu. Order it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Perfect Egg Sandwich Filling

Behold! the egg sandwich which cannot be underestimated 
Or! mistaken for some other egg sandwich.
Because! It looks nicer, healthier and definitely tastes better than a regular one.

No offence intended to the maker, but this is how a regular egg sandwich looks like.
Some people on the net has even found the looks of it revolting, disgusting or
-insert negative term here-

So I thought,
I shall convert egg sandwich haters! 
Unless they are lactose intolerant... Oops.

6 eggs
3-4 small red onions, thinly sliced
3 stalks dill, roughly chopped
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 handful of ham chips
This is a dill. You don't want to chop them up too fine or 
you won't know what you're eating.

Did you know that dill can help aid digestion, cure insomnia, diarrhea, hiccups, menstrual disorders and even cancer! 
Find out more about health benefits of dill here.

1. This is crucial. We do not want to overcook the eggs. When you see a greyish tint covering the yolk and the yolk is all powdery. It's overcooked.
Put the eggs into a pot of water. Bring to the boil and as soon as you see the eggs dancing up and down from the boiling water. Stop the fire and place the lid over the pot. Wait for 17minutes (according to Drain the water , run the hot eggs through a tap and put the eggs into cold water immediately to stop the cooking process.

2. Remove shells and mash eggs with fork. Because the eggs are cold, it is not advisable to add butter. Instead spread them on the bread slice before serving. Do not over mash.

3. Add the dill, ham chips and onions. Mix. It should look like this.

4. Now add the mustard and mayonnaise. And it will look like this.

5. You can refrigerate them with cling wrap until needed or spread them over buttered bread for immediate satisfaction :)

The dill is used to bring out the colour of the eggs. If you want them to look greener, soak them in cold water first.

I served mine for cell's supper and it was all sold out. Very happy.

My aunt made those potato fritters. It was a little too salty this time round, but still tasty.

And to the people who are afraid to cook *or maybe improve really simple recipes like this one*. We all make mistakes. Look what I did to an under cooked egg. I made a cheese omelette out of him xD Still delish.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Cousin's Wedding

*Diet-ed a week for this. Finally can fit into a cheongsam! wahaha!*
-while smiling to self-

My first time in two decades wearing a cheongsam. I like :D

Disclaimer: This post is not going to contain many pictures. Any descriptions of the ceremony may be inaccurate due to lack of knowledge in traditional customs and rituals; and are all based on the blogger's own theory and understanding (and perhaps imagination). Teehee!

It tasted as good as it looks.
A roasted pig is often offered by the groom to appease the "sisters" to open the door for him to enter. The sisters are a group of family/friends of the bride who are supposed to guard the entrance and humiliate the groom (armed with his "bro's") as much as possible, and also, squeeze him dry. money-wise. Here is an example. The groom was made to dance Gangnam Style by PSY.


Besides the dance, he was also challenged to pop balloons with a needle sticking out from this paper panties which he has forced to wear. There were others but most of them were rushed through because of the Kum Poh woman :(

Cousin anxiously waiting for her groom to open the door.

It's said to be bad luck for the bride to exit the room by herself after the groom's arrival. Don't know why.


Growing up in a pretty westernized family, I did not understand a single phrase the Kum Poh  (someone who is hired to say really good stuff to bring fortune and keep the ceremony running) was saying. I believe that she has to say all the poetic flower-ful phrases to rid the ceremony/ marriage of bad luck and to counter any cusses unintentionally said during the wedding. Perhaps during the challenges. By the bro's. Who are annoyed for being locked out. Maybe.

Finally the happy couple united in traditional matrimony :D

My cousin looked extremely amazing in that gown! I admire her for keeping to tradition unlike most Westernized weddings held nowadays. The groom was also a true gentleman with footing the dinner bill before allowing the bride to step in to help. Food was insanely good and their new home looks wonderful too! Ah~ I love happy endings.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ang Kee Restaurant

One of my grandma's latest favourite place to dine in. Introduced by my aunt and located in the Chow Yang area. The food prices here are more affordable than the other Chinese restaurant I blogged about too. This is going to be a more visual post than wordy. So feast your eyes!

Menu in Chinese. Feel free to click to enlarge and read ;)
The digits in circles are the prices.


Tofu on the second trip.

Fried mantis shrimp

Fried mantis shrimp on second trip. It's a little dryer than the last, 
but still very good.


Fish on second trip. This one was also a little 
overcooked at the head and tail.

Chicken cooked in Sea Salt. "Yim Guk Kai"

Fried skin Chicken. "Chui Pei Kai"

Yam nest.

Pork Ribs. I noticed they add quite a lot of starch in the gravy.
It's okay for the mushroom dishes but they shouldn't overdo it with the ribs.

Green Kai Lan.

Conclusion: speedy service, affordable pricing. I'll be back once my diet is successful T_T...