Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ang Kee Restaurant

One of my grandma's latest favourite place to dine in. Introduced by my aunt and located in the Chow Yang area. The food prices here are more affordable than the other Chinese restaurant I blogged about too. This is going to be a more visual post than wordy. So feast your eyes!

Menu in Chinese. Feel free to click to enlarge and read ;)
The digits in circles are the prices.


Tofu on the second trip.

Fried mantis shrimp

Fried mantis shrimp on second trip. It's a little dryer than the last, 
but still very good.


Fish on second trip. This one was also a little 
overcooked at the head and tail.

Chicken cooked in Sea Salt. "Yim Guk Kai"

Fried skin Chicken. "Chui Pei Kai"

Yam nest.

Pork Ribs. I noticed they add quite a lot of starch in the gravy.
It's okay for the mushroom dishes but they shouldn't overdo it with the ribs.

Green Kai Lan.

Conclusion: speedy service, affordable pricing. I'll be back once my diet is successful T_T...

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