Monday, October 8, 2012

Cousin's Wedding

*Diet-ed a week for this. Finally can fit into a cheongsam! wahaha!*
-while smiling to self-

My first time in two decades wearing a cheongsam. I like :D

Disclaimer: This post is not going to contain many pictures. Any descriptions of the ceremony may be inaccurate due to lack of knowledge in traditional customs and rituals; and are all based on the blogger's own theory and understanding (and perhaps imagination). Teehee!

It tasted as good as it looks.
A roasted pig is often offered by the groom to appease the "sisters" to open the door for him to enter. The sisters are a group of family/friends of the bride who are supposed to guard the entrance and humiliate the groom (armed with his "bro's") as much as possible, and also, squeeze him dry. money-wise. Here is an example. The groom was made to dance Gangnam Style by PSY.


Besides the dance, he was also challenged to pop balloons with a needle sticking out from this paper panties which he has forced to wear. There were others but most of them were rushed through because of the Kum Poh woman :(

Cousin anxiously waiting for her groom to open the door.

It's said to be bad luck for the bride to exit the room by herself after the groom's arrival. Don't know why.


Growing up in a pretty westernized family, I did not understand a single phrase the Kum Poh  (someone who is hired to say really good stuff to bring fortune and keep the ceremony running) was saying. I believe that she has to say all the poetic flower-ful phrases to rid the ceremony/ marriage of bad luck and to counter any cusses unintentionally said during the wedding. Perhaps during the challenges. By the bro's. Who are annoyed for being locked out. Maybe.

Finally the happy couple united in traditional matrimony :D

My cousin looked extremely amazing in that gown! I admire her for keeping to tradition unlike most Westernized weddings held nowadays. The groom was also a true gentleman with footing the dinner bill before allowing the bride to step in to help. Food was insanely good and their new home looks wonderful too! Ah~ I love happy endings.

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